Nov 04, 2020

How LivCana Users Use Our CBD Balm

With Life Activated Brands LivCana, users can begin to restore balance with our full line of innovative hemp-derived CBD products. You’ll begin by feeding your body natural phytocannabinoids to support your Immune System. Not only that but it may increase your energy and help you have more mental clarity while also enjoying the relaxation the CBD Balm provides.

Our LivCana CBD Balm is one of our most popular products and for good reason! It’s versatile and provides relief to many users. We asked real-life customers of our LivCana CBD Balm how they use it. Keep reading and get inspired!

How LAB Customers Use Our CBD Balm

Verna Bailey
“I use it for headaches and dry skin!”
Tiffanie Jae
“Muscle aches before and after runs and I get crazy wrist pains, a little of DA BALM and BAM NO MORE PAIN 😁 Truly blows my mind every time… Also on my Achilles 🥰 Can’t Thank this company enough!!”
Jayme Roush
“I use it on my knees in the morning to help me get through the day helping with muscles and joints. It also helps ease the pain too.”
Tom Cress
“For all the joints & muscles that hurt after testing.”
Doug Hodge
“Often, almost every night. For 2 things:
I slather my calf’s and my hamstrings to stop cramps at night, and on my hands to reduce the discomfort of arthritis.”
Amy Fimbel
“I use it on my knees…I put it on this morning pre-5K walk and no pain. Will reapply tonight too before bed. Love my little pot of gold!”
Shel Pandorf
“Chapstick, muscle spasms.”
Roanna Skelley
“AM/PM up the Spine down to base… all our nerves come out from there.”

Self-Care Tips for the Mom On The Go Using CBD - CBD Balm

Are you nourishing your ENDOCANNABINOID SYSTEM?

The Endocannabinoid System (ECS) was discovered and studied in just recent decades and plays a major role in the human body. It is involved in regulating a variety of physiological and cognitive processes including fertility, pregnancy, appetite, pain-sensation, mood, and memory.

Our ECS is activated during daily challenges and especially during extreme activity. We tend to wear down the ECS from time to time. This causes the ECS to be overworked and lessens its ability to sufficiently support our vital biological systems. This leads to our body being out of balance and causing a host of other related issues.

Cannabinoids like CBD and THC, found in the Cannabis plant, feed the ECS, helping it rebuild its strength and helping our bodies restore balance.

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